Friday, June 03, 2011

Life on the Lake

Life on the Lake__10 x 12 oil on linen panel___sold
I wish this was MY lake, but it's a special place for my cousin, Jeff and his wife, Tricia... Here is what Tricia says about the place!
"This is my aunt and uncles cabin in Emily, Minnesota on Rogers Lake..... we always have a blast when we're there. My aunt and uncle call it "The Sweet Spot" It's a small, quiet, clean lake with a lot of wildlife. One of my favorite things to do is sit on the dock and watch the eagle and her babies that have a nest real near by. Jeff actually rests while we're up there too, which he's not very good at doing at home."

*** SUMMER PAINTING WORKSHOPS...we have room for just a few more!
June 13-15 2011
Fredericksburg Artists School
Plein Air Color – Capturing the Impression Quickly ...or Painting and Sketching, Every Day (…and what to do with all those field studies!) for info and to register...hurry, it's almost full!

June 18- A one-day workshop, Smithville, TX... GREAT for beginners or "rusty" artists. Learn how to manage oil paints and the basics of painting quickly and impressionistically.

Oct 8-10
Workshop at Bone Creek, David City, NE conjunction with the opening of my solo show


John Farnsworth said...

This one's a real beauty, V.

Dee Day said...

I especially like the treatment of the trees and reflections in the water. You've outdone yourself on this one!

Arold Augustin said...

Good job, I hope one I can paint a picture like this.