Sunday, June 19, 2011

Demo Before Morning

Demo Before Morning__6x8 oil on linen__$190
While posting this I got to thinking...I am not sure anyone in the workshop even saw it! The day was still darkish when I finished and everyone was already well into their own works. (I love that point in a workshop when the artists are suddenly brave and taking on the problems without "needing" me to get started!) We all got to the location VERY early...about a half hour before sunrise. According to NASA, this is called "twilight". I use their site to determine sun and moon phases ANYwhere I travel. This helps with workshops to schedule sunrise/sunset times...check out the site)...There will be another multi-day workshop in Fredericksburg this year. Sometime in Late Oct-Nov...stay tuned!
...And a word to my Smithville group: I looked at the noun today, and have decided the verb was MUCH BETTER....Y'all know what I mean...and so do my Fredericksburg friends. I will "post and tell" tomorrow!

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Stephanie Berry said...

Must be blistering hot for painting outside! Nice plein air paintings. Like the light of this one.