Sunday, June 12, 2011

THe Way of the Farmer

The Way of the Farmer____16 x 20 oil on linen for On the Way exhibit in Austin at Hill Country Bible Church AND
for Passing America: The Great Plains in October at the Great Plains Art Museum at the University of Nebraska

This was painted from a photo I took at the farm a few years ago, while Aunt Nancy, the farmer, drove past my studio window. I have ALWAYS planned to paint it, and! It will be on exhibit at Hill Country for a while, then I will FINISH the painting for my Great Plains solo show....Yes, it is not finished. THIS PART is, but I will add a few IMPORTANT things before I will call it "done"....can you guess?

When I am at the easel, I do not FULLY appreciate what I am doing. You artists understand what I mean...
While DOING it, you are in "one zone" which I call "the VERB - painting"....
LATER the artwork becomes a "NOUN"-(THE painting). Today I looked at the Romeo I posted yesterday, with LOOKS like him exactly.
I posted this link once before, but here again is my FAVORITE thought on's fun, and MEANINGFUL! When you play it, PLEASE think of your favorite dog :) And Be blessed

Some of you will see me at sunrise!!! ...or so! See you at the workshop!!!


Douglas Clark said...

First I really like this painting and I always enjoy hearing the stories behind them. Also thanks for reposting the God and dog song. I love that.

Megha Kapoor said...

very nice .I like all your small works

Dee Day said...

I cannot wait to see the original in our exhibit at HCBC. That tractor and the juxtaposition of those trees is phenomenal. How blessed we will be to view this work for weeks to come!