Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Sharon and Paul

Sharon and Paul____16x12 oil on linen____Sold
This is a portrait of Sharon and Paul. They own and operate a a couple of "wellness" stores in Round Rock and Cedar Park, selling great herbal products, vitamins and such, and educating people about LOTS of things related to health and wellness. I have been shopping with them for YEARS, mainly for a few vitamins and a yearly "cleanse"....but ALL THIS YEAR, I have been working closely with them on REALLY getting healthy! This "project" has coincided with my exhibit work on Passing America: The Great Plains
I have been learning about the demise of our agrarian culture in America, as I travel and paint "drive-by" paintings of family farms in the Plains. This demise has also corresponded with health issues for Americans, and NO ONE can deny that they are FOOD, I have made myself the ULTIMATE guinea pig, and have spent this whole year (since Jan 1) eating organic, drinking alkaline water, and taking a few supplements...the Tsuis helped me lose about 30 pounds and have directed me to literature and experts which have GREATLY informed me as I work on the farm paintings....I will talk more about this in the coming days, as I wind down my artwork for the Nebraska Exhibit in October! Stay tuned!!! It is fascinating stuff!


Sue Furrow said...

Great painting of the healthy couple. And just in case you may be wondering, I enjoyed the healthy info. I too, have embarked on a healthier lifestyle, since my heartache on May 12. Walking every day and trying to eat healthy is very time consuming (drat). I used to eat sandwiches mostly. Haven't had one since. Used to be I would rather paint than go for a walk. It's hard to change. And you lost so much weight!! Hope to do that at some point!
I'm a new subscriber and the farm series is what pulled me in. Love your work.

Art with Liz said...

Incredible portraits V!