Friday, March 16, 2012

Little Belt Sunrise

Little Belt Sunrise___8x10 knife study___$200

I am in Montana...and I brought an allergy-thing with me, so I tried to sleep in this morning, but when I saw the beginning of THIS at sunrise, I had to grab the paintbrushes.

I only have a little walnut oil and NO solvent (airlines don't like solvents), so I did this little color study with a knife (less to clean up) is PART OF the view from A and B.B's home, where I am staying...

The first part of the C.M. Russell auction was tonight...I sold my silent auction grouping.

Tomorrow is the "quick-finish", and I am going to paint a BIG one...with two hours to finish, I am hoping I don't paint myself into a corner! stay tuned!!!

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