Monday, March 12, 2012

Ready for the Russell

Morning Star___6x8 oil___ Part of a group of 4 to be auctioned at the C.M Russell Museum, Montana
...ALSO, this image is being used by the Georgia State University Physics and Astronomy Dept. (Atlanta) to help promote "Astro Jazz". AstroJazz is an innovative program that, on March 16, will emphasize the "Venus Transit". This is when Venus passes between us and the sun...see images

I leave Wednesday for my first ever C.M Russell Auction, in Great Falls Montana! It's simply called "THE RUSSELL", and is one of the premier western art events in the country. The sale is unique among art events, in that there is art EVERYWHERE in town, not just at the museum. Some of the hotels actually clear the beds out of rooms, so that artists can make their own "galleries" there. I can't wait to go see some of my friends there, all camped out in the hotel rooms...I will be at the museum, doing events there. My auction "piece" is actually a GROUPING of four works which I did on the Amtrak last winter. See the selections HERE on my blog. I am not sure if it is a silent or live auction, but if you can't be there, and trust me to bid for you, I will!

I also will be doing the "quick draw" event, which is actually a "quick finish" as artists are allowed two hours to complete one that they may have started earlier. For me, two hours is a LONG TIME, so I plan to do a BIG ONE, so that I can move fast and get a workout!...Please see schedule below and come if you can!


V....Vaughan Spring Schedule

March 15-17, C. M. Russell Museum Auction, Great Falls, MT

March 23-25, Cowgirl Up! Desert Caballeros Western Museum, Wickenburg, AZ

April 9-13, Southeastern Plein Air Festival, Gadsden, AL

...see my schedule for more dates upcoming

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The Painters said...

V, my painting group just painted a nocturne for our last challenge. These low light paintings were some of our inspiration! They are wonderful. When you paint outside in low light do you use a portable light. I am curious as to how you manage to nail the values and color with so little light.