Sunday, March 18, 2012

Russell Sky Study

Russell Sky Study__7x5 oil on cotton panel___$100
Yesterday's post showed my "quick finish" painting for the Russell Art in Action, a benefit auction for the C.M. Russell Museum in Great Falls, MT.
Please see that story and the TV interview! I give the "chamber of commerce" quote of the day!!
...One interesting thing about such an event, is that artists plan very diligently so that their work will hopefully come out good, ESPECIALLY as we work in front of hundreds of sophisticated art patrons! I showd how I arrived with a plan and a start on my canvas, but changed my mind once I got there....this study above was 'Plan "C"'!...I sketched it out on a small panel the night before, but didn't use it for the big canvas. It is a true little study, at a nice little price!
More to come, so please see my schedule!! I will be in Wickenburg, AZ this week!

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