Thursday, March 29, 2012

Yucca Bonnets

Yucca Bonnets 1___8x6 oil study on linen___Sold
It is bluebonnet time in Texas, and it is a banner year! They have peaked sooner than "usual"...whatever that means. They are thick, tall and all over the nearby Hill Country of Austin, TX. I spent the day out with my bluebonnet pals, Pat, Kaye, Margie, Carol and other friends...Carol took this one home, so I will have to paint again tomorrow....ah well....
Tomorrow is the BIG vrsion of the small study I posted a few days ago from Arizona. The big one below was 16 x 20 and was completed in an hour at the Cowgirl Up! Quick Draw. Compare it to the study and tell me which one you like better!

Wickenburg This Morning---Cowgirl Up! Quick Draw---16x20 sold

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