Sunday, June 02, 2013

Getaway__The Phippen Show

Getaway ___16x20 "Quick Draw" at the Phippen Museum Western Art Show
Last weekend I was in Arizona at the Phippen Museum Western Art Show, held at the courthouse square in Prescott, AZ. The highlight of the weekend is the "Quick Draw", when 20 artists stand back to back, draw their weapons (paint brushes!) and have one hour to complete a work of art. It is then auctioned for the benefit of the Museum (AND the artist!)...the auction is a lively time with a lot of laughs...and a little bit of competition from the art patrons! 
I call this one "Getaway"'s one of the biggest quick draws I have ever done.
The Grand Champion painter this year was Bill Cramer, a good friend (his work is breathtaking!)...He had fun bidding on my painting, but alas, was outbid...but THANKS, BILL, for the validation!
Prescott is just about THE place for western art. I think more prominant western artist live here than ANY PLACE! Some of them (Bill Anton, Cynthia Rigden, Dave Powell) judged the art and I won THIRD place in a very competetive oil painting category.
The award winning work is below
El Presidio_Sonidos de Paz__10x30

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Peggy Yandell said...

Congratulations Virginia! You are doing great work! Keep it up!