Sunday, June 09, 2013

Goliad Guns

Goliad Guns__8x10 oil "palette droppings"
I used my "palette droppings" from yesterday's work at Joel's to create Goliad Guns, above.
Using B.C's photo and a palette my palette is clean!
Yesterday morning I met at Joel's Coffee House in Austin with Artist, Robin Cheers.
Click the Joel's link for the BEST PART of what we did, yesterday...a little sidetracking with CUPCAKES...Really "good" artists would have painted them, but Robin and I just ate them. We did not know it was CUPCAKE SATURDAY, so we had to find our way with the distraction...somebody has to...
As usual, the time at Joel's passed too fast.
On Saturday, June 15, and June 22 we'll do it again! You can join us with your sketch supplies, or USE OURS! We will each do a short demo...Mine will be a quick draw like the video below...
And we persuaded Calli to do her cupcakes again!
Cost is $20

V....Vaughan's Quick Draw at Cowgirl Up, 2013...Thank you MIKE'S ROAD TRIP
I wonder where Mike is, TODAY?

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