Monday, June 10, 2013

Spring Fed

Spring Fed___24 x 30 oil on linen
This is the one I worked on at the Chocolate Sketch class on Saturday. A typical Texas Hill country bluebonnet painting!
Many of our streams are "spring fed" as are the cattle!
I have some little things left to do, but you might not notice them so I decided to post it tonight...bigger paintings take a little time to "see". I like to hold them for many weeks and place them on walls around my house (or at coffee/chocolate shops!) to see things in different lighting conditions.I have planned this painting for a long while, after doing something outside that was very similar...

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Patricia Lee Christensen said...

This is wonderful! I especially admire the sky in the upper right next to the tree - the hint of pale periwinkle blue. The steers in the sun add life & warmth. Nice how the trees on the left recede. Composition is excellent, too! Very inviting!