Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Emma and Max

"Emma and Max"....special commission.....SOLD
I never met these two in person, but I have met some family members...of Emma, that is! A wonderful family in Tennessee which has given me the priviledge of painting portraits of their beloved friends and family! You'll get to see Boston, Izzy and Jordan tomorrow!
This was another Christmas commission just recently completed.
Tomorrow I leave the cold Rockies for the Great Plains Art Museum and the opening of my first ever museum show. If you are anywhere near Lincoln, NE, I would be MORE THAN honored to meet you and show you around my "farm", via 365 paintings from my "Last Year on the Farm".
If you can't come, maybe you'd like the book!
Please read the blog from Dec 29 and see below how to get my first book about this project still so near and dear to my heart. Then, let me know if you'd like a book or two!
Happy New Year!

REMINDER: See Dec 29 BLOG about my new book "Last Year on the Farm: A Story of Change". You can order them RIGHT NOW, and they will be delivered at the end of January.I take checks , Paypal and Credit cards.Please look for the Paypal button on the BLOG SOON, but till then, you can e-mail me( if you want to do the credit card, or just drop a check in the mail.The price is $29 for now. It might go up a few dollars, but I will also throw in the shipping and tax for this intro time :)Here's my address:V....Vaughan2606 Starling Dr.Round Rock, TX sure to send me YOUR address!!!

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Diana Moses Botkin said...

Nice one! Happy New Year Virginia! Happy Painting and Happy Trails, too, in 2008.

AND, you have been tagged! Please go to my blog and read the instructions to continue the game.