Sunday, January 13, 2008

Studio SaleStream 2

"Stream 2".... 8x10, oil on linen...$150 includes shipping
Here are the last three paintings in my Studio Sale. There are three stream studies. Yesterday's is a 6 x 8, this one is 8x10 and tomorrow's will be 9x12. This one was done in Colorado.They are all very similar...probably because they were painted by the same artist!
I may do the sale again next year, but for now, I am back to daily painting and getting ready for some of my upcoming shows.
Saturday I will be going down to kick off a new season of workshops in Rockport, TX.
This Saturday workshop will be all about DRAWING: perspective, scale, proportion and more will be covered. Good drawing is the foundation to a good painting, so we will have a good lesson at the boat yard Saturday morning at Cove Harbor.
For more info, Please e-mail me
The Last Year on the Farm book is at the publisher now. I'll have my copy in a few days, and after approving it, I will send out the first orders right away. It looks like it will be the second week in February. There is still time to order yours. just let me know!

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