Tuesday, January 22, 2008


"James".....10 x 8...oil on linen panel
This week I am a student, painting with noted Impressionist, Carolyn Anderson. She is a great teacher and superb artist....I am redeeming an OPA award (Oil Painters of America) which I won last year, giving me the opportunity to learn from anyone I chose.
Since I have had this year-long Farm Landscape marathon, I decided to dive into the figure for a change. I did some research to find a teacher who was not only a GREAT artist but I wanted a GREAT teacher, and Anderson's name came up MANY times. She is HIGHLY regarded by the best pros I know, so I am really privileged to sit under her teaching.
Here is a study from day one....please don't hold it against my teacher! I'll do better tomorrow!!!

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William R. Moore said...

Your "Last Year On the Farm" project was a great and challenging project. Not to mention the 24 paintings in 24 hours. My gosh, WOW! Thanks for sharing.

Great reward from the OPA and a great choice in instructor. She is a fantastic figure painter. You must really be thrilled. Looks from your example, you already have a good start. I am a little green. :0)