Friday, January 25, 2008

Sunday's Coming

Detail from the "High Pointe Mural"____V....Vaughan, 2001
Well, I am at my friend Caro's house in Rockport, after teaching a session at Art Educator Days. If you are an art teacher, make plans to come to this next year! There are a lot of different workshops and lots of teachers to share ideas with. Tell your principal that you WANT to come next year!...I teach a "Chicken Clinic" and tomorrow I will teach a short session on plein air painting!
Well, I forgot my cord to connect camera to her computer, so I am posting this from my thumb drive.
It is a portion of a HUGE MURAL which I painted at my church a few years ago. This is the center part and a portion of what I painted to depict God (...not a small topic!). The hands here are 12 feet high and 15 feet across. I used my own hands as the "model", and beefed them up a little. My own hands are barely"mighty", but not ALLmighty!...I regard this as a VERY PUNY symbolic representation of our AWESOME Creator...I remember being in awe and feeling pretty small the whole time I painted this from the basket of a cherry picker lift.
If you are ever near Austin, please come see the mural. How about this Sunday? Church starts at 10:30 am, and if you let me know, I will meet you there and give you a personal "tour" of this and the rest of the mural. It measures 60 feet wide and 20 feet tall and is 35 feet tall at the top! It depicts "The Glory of His Grace".
Here is a link to the church, and a really pretty picture of our bluebonnets!

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