Friday, January 04, 2008

A Year Now

Last Year on the Farm, 01-04-2007....available for purchase, contact me
This is a long one...I apologize, but the heart speaks, tonite!
One Year ago I was in the midst of a daily painting adventure that I did not know would bring me where I am today! On this day in 2007, I painted the above painting under the clearing skies, watching a couple of Mexican eagles frolicking in our field....we left the farm forever a few short weeks ago.
Today I will introduce all 365 paintings of my "Last Year on the Farm" at a reception for the opening of an exhibit at the University of Nebraska's Great Plains Art Museum in Lincoln, NE. If you can, PLEASE go see the exhibit in this wonderful venue in downtown Lincoln Nebraska. The sculpture out front is worth the visit! I am amazed and HONORED to have them present these paintings to the public. Frankly I am a little bit overwhelmed, as I type this from my 4th floor room at the Omaha LaQuinta. My flight arrived here at midnight....too late to brave strange highways down to Lincoln, so I am staying in Omaha and a bit sleepless, anticipating a new adventure with my Last Year on the Farm.
I was interviewed by the NPR affiliate and the interview aired yesterday, I think. I have heard from another museum which has purchased a number of these works for their permanent collection, and I am anticipating the pleasure of telling the story to a bunch of new friends tomorrow!...well, later today....
I cannot thank you, my friends, enough for your interest and conversation and real SUPPORT for this labor of love of mine. You kept me going with questions and commments and real EMPATHY: through my tears and sadness and lost beloved
Here is a VERY IMPORTANT THING you need to do ASAP.
1. IF YOU PUT DIBS ON ANY, I have contacted you by e-mail (in Late October to Mid November). If you have not yet contacted me back,and want to actually BUY, please CONTACT ME NOW. You will need to put a deposit on the art at the original price. My E-mail is click to reply
2. If you have sent the deposit or full payment, please look for a receipt very soon. LOOK at it carefully to make sure the image is the painting you wanted.
3. If you want to buy another one, let me know asap because the price is now higher. BUT! For you, the old price will apply until Jan 30, if the painting is still available.($450 framed for the 6 x 8 size)
4. FULL PAYMENT will not be due until Jan. 1 of Next Year...after that, I will be shipping these little babies all over the place....scattering farm seed, so to speak....more symbolism for me to let go of my favorite place on earth! :)
5. In all your correspondence with me about the farm art, please include your name , address phone number and any details you can think of.
6. See ALL THE ART on line at my web site. We still do not have all the "red dots" to indicate sold ones yet, so please inquire if you see one you like. Red dots are on the tags in Nebraska, though!
7. Last, but not least, Let me know asap if you'd like the first edition of the first book for $29. This is my intro price (because I do not have exact costs to me yet!) AND includes shipping...( I might be killing myself here, but want to do something special for friends :)
See Dec. 29 BLOG for details.
I'll be home on the 6th....with new stories, I am sure!
Again, I am sorry for all the links and tedious info....I just hope y'all know how much I appreciate you....


indiaartist said...

Congratulations! It is indeed an achievement.

Slim Johnson said...

Really beautiful painting and a great achievement doing these for a year. Great!! Steve

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

I'm just loving that I was in on this from the start! It's a fabulous story and an incredible achievement. 365 paintings plus the 24 in 24 ones!
I'm looking forward to our meeting someday.