Thursday, January 17, 2008

Near Charlotte Plummer's

"Rockport Near Charlotte Plummers"....8x10 oil on linen panel....available

SATURDAY Jan. 19, I will be teaching a one day workshop in Rockport, Texas. I am kicking off the year-long workshop series with a crash course in 'Drawing to Paint'. There's space, I think,so contact me if you can come!

This little painting is a good example of how important drawing is to a painting. Even impressionists should have a good handle on the basics of perspective and scale and rendering. I will pass along a lot of little tips to help you draw better for your painting. We might repeat this class if there is any interest!

The Farm book will be here in early February....about the time I am in South Carolina for the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition. I will ship the books as soon as I can. Order yours today. See info and a paypal button to order at the bottom of this page on my web site: click here for the paypal info

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