Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Her Chair_8x10 Study

"Her Chair"____8x10 oil on linen panel____available Act 1 Gallery
Anita Ellison at Act 1 Gallery is having a unique show, starting January is a preview of one of my pieces in the show. It's a group show, and the theme is CHAIRS...Wait till you see what's on tap! This isn't my FAVORITE one...I'll show that later, but this is a hint....our dog, Maria, whom I also call Mama Mia....HEY! I have just set some dates in STONE this week. Please see my web site Calendar for 2009 dates for workshops and a few special events. I will add some more things as we go, so stay tuned. here is the link


VanDerHoekArt said...

Great portrait! You've directed me right to the focal point with the eye and red collar. Your brush work is so beautiful!

JMahorney said...

This is so good. Thank you for the fresh air. I wish i could send it to the million people who paint overworked local color pet portraits and say, "Go see Vaughan. This is how you should paint them." I love the confident succinct brushstrokes and just enough details to let the viewer get involved and finished what's only suggested at. Isn't that what we want? The get involved with our pets?