Monday, November 03, 2008

Liquid Sunrise_6 x 8 oil _ by V....Vaughan

"Liquid Sunrise - Demo 2 on Nov 1"_6x8 oil on linen panel__V....Vaughan__$100 to the first to ask
Ten minutes after the sun came up I dropped the first demo and picked up another canvas to make color notes on this spectacular sunrise...I doodled with it for a few minutes till I needed to drop it to start a third...the plan was to take it home and "craft" a more finished painting, but I think I will keep it like this...I call it "Liquid Sunrise" because there was no horizon! the fogy atmosphere blended with the sky and it was hard to tell land from sky.Since it's a pretty loose demo, (lots of juicy brushwork!) I have a pretty loose price for the first one to ask for it!

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