Saturday, November 29, 2008

September 30 for Pete

"September 30 for Pete"_____6 x 8 oil on canvas panel___sold to Pete
Well, I waited too long to photograph this one today...lost all my sunlight and had to photograph it in my studio...yuk...bad photo....The painting is one I did for a man who works near our farm, selling real estate near Manor! He purchased paintings from my "Last Year on the Farm" series, and did something really special! He bought the paintings that were created on the BIRTH DATES for all his family. I had at least one painting for each of his dates, except this one! I guess that on Deptember 30 I did not paint, B U T....I photographed our farm EVERY DAY, and so I had PHOTOS from September 30. Pete asked if I could paint one from my photos, so I said SURE!!! Here it is, and I will deliver his painting (with the other 3 or 4) next week.
If you purchased something from "Last Year on the Farm", you either have your painting by now, or, if you live near Austin, I will be delivering them next week. I will call you before I come! If you haven't seen the "Last Year on the Farm", CLICK HERE and be sure to scroll alll the way around the farm art...enjoy! Many paintings are still available, and are listed as such. They are all small, inexpensive paintings (GREAT GIFTS!) and come with a VERY SPECIAL packet of info. I also did a book about the project which has over 150 images! CONTACT ME if you need more info.

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VanDerHoekArt said...

Beautiful! And what a sweet way to choose the paintings he would give as gifts.