Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Sunny Side of the Yard

" The Sunny Side of the Yard"___9x12 pencil on archival paper__$75
He was standing on the sunny side of the yard, but the sun was long gone! We were set to eat dinner so we put the dogs outside in the chilly yard. (Have you ever seen a Great Dane when he gets a whiff of grilled chicken? Literally BUCKETS of flowing EYE LEVEL! thank you!) After 20 minutes or so, I happened to see Romeo, over by the fence, and wondered why he stayed so far from the door. Instead of looking through the window, he stayed by the fence... he stayed put in the only spot in the yard where the sun stays all day. Thinking it was the warm part of the yard, he looked so cold and lonely (and stupid!) in the dark ...hahaha...I drew this from memory after letting him in to his warm bed.

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