Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Blanket__8 x 6 oil__ V,,,,Vaughan

"Blanket"__8 x 6 oil on linen panel__$ 150 to the first to want it!
My painters were on their own all day. Not needing me much, so I browsed the photo box and found this nice Indian model. He was a good study as the kids worked leisurely. A couple of last year's students came by for a visit. It was so GOOD to see them again! I get VERY attached to ALL my students! THANK YOU H. and R. for sharing your art stories with this year's group!This was the LAST DAY for the first group of great artists! We are all pleased with their works, and looking forward to their group exhibit at the museum. If you wnt some beautiful ORIGINAL paintings and sculpture created by the next generation of talent, PLEASE come to the show. Invitation info below
We also worked on shooting our own artwork....for many reasons, Artists MUST keep records of their works...I go into this in depth at my workshops. For the Western Art Academy students, I gave an overview of effective shooting techniques:

1. Shoot in full sunlight (sunlight has the entire spectrum, so the subtle colors in your painting will show. Clouds or shade are missing some of the reds and yellows of sunlight)

2. If you have a Canon digital, use the little face setting (and the little flower)...sorry for the deeply technical terms :) ( use your close-up, micro settings)

3. Set painting at an angle to the sun where the light glances across it, and at the angle that reflects the most, best color into your view finder. For small canvases, I actually prefer to hand-hold my canvas and camera. Full sunlight will give you a fast enough shutter speed to do this. Need PROOF?? Check out all the images on my BLOG and my web site.

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