Thursday, July 16, 2009

Blinds__a study for S

"Blinds"__a study for S.
We have our last classroom day at the Western Art Academy tomorrow. Today the artists worked on new works of their choice, and tomorrow we will do a little plein air painting. Student S. was painting from a photograph of herself as a little girl. Great photo and I did a little study of a portion I thought she'd wrestle with: venitian blinds behind the little face. The point here is to make the background NOT FLOAT beside the subject, but to actually paint it into it and NOT with ruler edge lines. The viewer will "finish" broken lines with their own eye, we do not have to describe everything for them!!...We are working late this evening, but the kids all went outside to learn the THRILLER dance, and I am to be the videographer.....gotta go.

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Connie said...

Very nice work. I love your demos for the students...I think it's the best way to teach. Just curious, what paint are the students using?