Thursday, July 09, 2009

Still Life Start_16 x 20_V....Vaughan

"Still Life Start"__16 x 20 oil on canvas__stay tuned
Today I started with the other half of the group of 24...12 students who have been sculpting with Jason Scull till now. These 12 are beginning, as the last group did, with a still life painting. I started this big demo with 3 main "rules" for them:
1. Tone the canvas.
2. C.ompose with big shapes
3. CONTAIN the shapes of the values
4. Mix colors for each shape and make them RELATIVE to one, compare, compare!
I will add to this demo tomorrow, and try to finish it to help them with their own compositions....the big show of these student's works is Sat. July 18...please come if you can!

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Art with Liz said...

I have also just started a still life so will be watching this with great interest!