Saturday, July 25, 2009

Cottonwood_8 x 6

"Cottonwood" study ____8 x 6 oil on linen panel__$100 (click image to see brushwork)
Before I leave here I want to "nail" a cottonwood tree with the early morning light. THis one was a fun "painting" (verb), but not a real spectacular "painting" (noun)...painted quickly,it's a real study in "green"...hope you see this one Kevin K. :) This little pasture is across the river from our place and when the sun comes up the trees GLOW with the back lighting. For my Texas friends you ought to know that it was 34 yesterday morning :)


Art with Liz said...

Love the painterly feel of this one V - lovely and luscious. And 34 deg C is quite warm! Ha! It's quite cool here (sorry to rub it in) - round about 19.

k and c's mom said...

That little weather report slipped in at the end was just WRONG!! When you get home, you too will be enjoying the 106 degree weather in central Texas. :)