Friday, July 10, 2009

Gunman__12 x 9 oil_ v....vaughan

Gunman__12 x 9 oil on linen __$300 if you are the first to ask!
This one is juicy and really looks better up close. Click the image on the blog to see it big. It was a day to remind the students to keep BOUNDARIES on the shapes in your still life paintings
1. COMPOSE with shapes! Objucts are shapes. Big shadow areas are shapes. Negative space is a shape. Large highlights or color masses are shapes. SEE SHAPES!
2. Subdivide the shapes to describe more detail, BUT...
3. RETAIN the "nature" of the shape: its basic shape, and whether it is a shadow shape or a light shape.
4. ...THEN adjust the edges, whether soft or hard, and how broad or narrow the transition is ...(see the edge lesson featuring Michael Jackson's nose a couple days ago).
I forgot to click "send" for yesterday's lesson, a "Still Life Start", but I sent it to my Google group. If you missed it, I put it on the blog for yesterday...see it there.

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Art with Liz said...

I guess you live where the cowboys come from and this is a great painting of my perception of a cowboy. Incredible depth of character.