Saturday, July 18, 2009

Thermal Riders__9 x 12 oil_V....Vaughan

"Thermal Riders"___9 x 12 juicy oil on linen panel___$350 unframed
I am home from the Western Art Academy.... 24 friends richer than I was 3 weeks ago....Here is the last demo I did there in Kerrville, TX, a nice textures painting of the nearby hills with some lazy buzzards riding the thermals overhead. It's a typical hot day in Texas, and the first intro to plein air painting for some of these students. My purpose was to pre-mix the colors, laying them out on the palette "in order" how I saw them before me, then applying the paint quickly, and thickly.....a fun way to paint outdoors.
The kids were honored with a group exhibit at the Museum of Western Art, with HUNDREDS of patrons, parents and friends there to enjoy the event. Jason Skull (the sculpting instructor) got choked up as he spoke about how great these kids are. (I knew better than to look them in the eye during my talk....but cried all the way home) We will all miss each other.
Looking forward!...I am FINALLY FINISHED with seven long months of an over-committed schedule. Tomorrow I head for the cool Colorado mountains!


Kerri Settle said...

This is so lovely with all those subtle greens; this is the kind of painting that really takes a skilled eye to pull off well, and you did!

Art with Liz said...

As usual, I've had to catch up with your work. Thank you for all the lessons you gave us along with your other students! I love this painting and the title is so apt.