Sunday, July 19, 2009

Eye Shapes

"Eye Shapes"__ a study for C. at the Western Art Academy
With a live model, you can see every detail. Young artist's eyes can see these details even from far away! I have really good eyesight, and remember having even BETTER eyes, so I taught about how our eye works...we see a lot, peripherally - the WHOLE picture. And this needs to be retained in our paintings. The whole picture with the model's face we had, was full of contrasts. here was a well lit side and a shadow side. The example above was a lesson for C. to help her see the entire shape of the shadow eye. I show how the area around the eye has a SHAPE, and it is a shadow shape. Within that shape there are Lights and darks, but they all are in the shadows (so the lights are darker). When young artists fix their eyes in that shadow, the pipil opens up and many details can be seen....Don't draw them all!!! But make sure the shadow side stays in shadow.

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