Sunday, September 06, 2009

Back Door at Concepcion

"Back Door at Concepcion"___8 x 6 oil study on linen panel__$190 unframed and wet!
More from the San Antonio missions! Along with my painting studies, I have been reading books and studying the missions of the southwestern USA. What great stories in history...stories of America! I Love them!...I think I mentioned a while ago that we discovered a family of SKUNKS living in our garage. We keep one garage door crackes a little bit so the cats, Duster and Velcro can come and go, and since our back fence is the edge of a big ranch, we have all kinds of wildlife tromping through: deer, fox, owls, armadillos, etc...but the skunks found a place to nest in our garage. We discovered them a long time ago (guess how...phew!) but they only made a stink once or twice, then we thought they were gone...but lately we see them all the time at night and in the early pre-dawn...they eat the cat food and...GET THIS...they use the cat's litter box!!!! My husband and I suspected it for weeks (because the cats never use it, but suddenly it was being "used", and something was different about it....not "skunky", though...just different :) Well, yesterday my husband saw one of the little ones using the box!...I never heard of a litter-box-trained skunk, but we have three!

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