Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Chapel in Taos__8x6 oil on canvas panel

"Chapel in Taos" ___8 x 6 oil on canvas study___$190 if you ask first
In a few weeks I will be in Taos, New Mexico for a visit to "my" gallery, Act I Gallery. I'll be there to do a demo and then I guess I will hang around to paint the fall colors, if someone twists my arm hard enough!...I painted this chapel yesterday from a photo I took a few weeks ago when we were there....I have been curious to see what y'all think of it, and watched my email for comments all day. I had assumed that no one liked it, and was almost bummed, till I just realized I did not post it yesterday after I finished it! oops! I really needed to redeem the Brownwood demo painting, and re-posted it instead. So there! I am hoping that these cottonwood trees will be bright gold when I am there in October! Maybe I will paint the gold version, too!

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