Thursday, September 10, 2009

Morning Warmup_study_8x6 oil on linen

"Morning Warmup" 8 x 6 oil study on linen panel_____$190 when the big one's done!
THe past few days I have posted studies of birds. One of them will be added to a large painting I am working on. So, after these bird "tryouts", I think I have decided to use this one...maybe. I REALLY like the flying birds, but you'll see...this one might fit the scene better.
Speaking of tryouts, the football tryouts are long over and the games are under way. We had our "Friday Night Lights" tonight for Round Rock Dragon Varsity Football. A VICTORY! My son is a Junior Quarterback...a starter on the A-Team JV, but so far he has been playing on varsity as our #1 QB had some surgery. BOY, these kids bounce back fast! The #1 guy was back tonight, but my son got to play, a little bit , too. Funny how exciting the HOLDER for the extra point can be when he's your son! Last week my young holder got his name mentioned in a feature article of the Austin Sports page...his first media coverage! Maybe you read it: he was the guy who was pressured into an incomplete pass on the two point conversion which would have won the game...ah well...they failed to mention that he had to snag a snap that nearly went over his head and saved the day earlier in the wasn't as meaningful as the "miss"... durn media!

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