Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Guadalupe Visitor_state 1

Guadalupe Visitor_state 1_30x40 _the paper towel "block-in"
For small canvases I paint with one brush, often scrubbing the big shapes to cover the white, then subdividing those to craft the painting....
But on the big ones I use a paper towel. I started this by accident (feb 2009) when I showed up for a demo one time and forgot all my brushes. People were there, and I needed to do a demo, so, I used wadded up paper towels....NOW, I use them to start every big painting...toning big areas with the paper towels...Also, it keeps me from "micro managing" the edges at the start of a painting....want to paint "loose"? use a paper towel instead of a brush....at least on the start....I am almost finished with this big canvas, but here is the first-state-paper-towel-version...If I don't hate it, I will post the completed version tomorrow. ..vvaughan8@yahoo.com


Anonymous said...

I couldn't figure out how to see your daily posting until today--boy I really need to wake up.
That is such a good story and talk about improv,very cool-the painting is beautiful as well.
Next time I am in Sedona I will certainly stop by the gallery that has some of your painting's and get one.I don't know a brush stroke from a back stroke I only know what is pleasing to my eye and your painting seem very peaceful to me and I love that.
Have a great week

V....Vaughan said...

Thanks for the nice (funny) comment, Bill. Please send me your e-mail address and if you want to , I will send you the daily art in an e-mail to look at and toss....Windrush is my gallery in Sedona ;)

Anonymous said...

I havn't had much time to look at your pictures this week--been quite busy--but am looking at them now,,,your good.All your painting are so beautiful,do you really do them daily?if you do that is incredible.
My e-mail is nanrudw617@qwest.net--
I will try and go to Sedona next weekend--
<>< Bill