Monday, September 21, 2009

Mision School Bell_archway

Mission School Bell__8 x 6 oil on linen_Available at Act I Gallery, Taos, NM
Well, this was one of those paintings I LOVED it, to me was a GREAT PAINTING (verb-wise) I got away from it for a few hours and then came back to shoot it and make this blog post, I can look at it more objectively as a "noun", it's me... As I mentioned once before, there are TWO PAINTINGS every time you is a VERB, one is a NOUN....The two CAN NOT BE COMPARED! I am a very enthusiastic person, so almost ALL of my "verbs" are great paintings! (Because I LOVE THE PROCESS of painting and teaching painting!)...BUT..., I have to be real careful to sit on them a while before setting them free to the shows and galleries....often times I think a painting is good just because I had fun doing it! I think lots of artists do this. We have to step back from the verb and be very critical as to whether the "noun" painting is worthy to show...While photographing this I noticed that many of my paintings are better to photograph with the sun over my left shoulder, rather than right....for some reason the brush strokes don't catch the glare like they do when I shoot the other way....I will talk more on this tomorrow...if I remember


Robin Cheers said...

I love to read your blog. You always have something insightful and amusing to say! This is a great reminder!

Elizabeth said...

ditto to Robin's comment..AND I think this is just exquisite. When I opened Daily Painters today, out of all those paintings on my screen this is the one that made me go, "oooohhhhh, look at THAT, NIIIICCCE." Just beautiful.

V....Vaughan said...

Oh Neat! I know what you mean about having one pop out like that! WOW, I will have to go see if it does it for me! Hahaha…remember, I liked the verb painting this, but was less thrilled by the noun part, later  You and I must have the same "verb taste" :)

Lorrie Drennan said...

Hi V...I came to your blog via Robin's and found your noun/verb conversation interesting. I think I view my work as nouns all along. As some artists or people in general are prone to be, I am super critical of myself during this process. I also tend to see the painting in puzzle pieces like you are supposed to do to get it done...forget the form just paint what you see. I have to go away and let my brain "reset" and then later I may come back and see a wonderful painting where before I had seen flat disjointed colors.

Carol Marine and I had the most interesting converstion one time...we both admitted that we will put our paintings somewhere in the house and then try to sneak up on we just discovered someone else's work leaning there and are now looking at it objectively.

As a group we artists are a captivatingly unique little group.
Your blog is really nice.