Friday, October 23, 2009

Across the Way_school bus, country road, farm

"Across the Way"___5 x 7 oil on canvas___$150 if you want it first... add $50 for the great frame I have on it
Well, I just put this one and yesterday's bus into a couple of matching 5 x 7 frames I didn't know I had. Nice black frames with a gold liner...matches the bus! To put this one side by side with yesterday's bus, you can trace the path they took as they skirted our farm each morning and afternoon.
I heard bus musings from SO MANY PEOPLE after yesterday's post! Poor H. tripped getting on once and STILL remembers it!...J. had her shoelaces tied to the seat and fell on her face, too, at the hand of a class bully. R. decided to walk the two miles to school after FIVE years of riding with all the riff-raff...I forgot to ask her if it was barefoot, in the snow, up hill both ways....
Speaking of school, some of you have son's school was hit so hard by that swine flu. Most of the football team missed at LEAST a game or two, and it killed our chances at the playoffs. SO...they moved my son to varsity for good and are grooming him to be next year's QB...Friday Night Lights for us from now on!
So I framed these busses...wet...and am putting them in my art show, tomorrow. Come see me if you are in the Dallas - Ft. Worth area of Texas! This is my last art show of the year...I think...
Or JOIN ME at one of these events this month:
TOMORROW! Saturday, Oct. 24 in Waxahachie, TX at the Texas Country Reporter Festival ...then ,Oct 25, I will be in Gruene, at the first annual Bovine Art Festival, painting on location at Cactus Jacks.Oct. 31 All Day Workshop with Austin's PACT. Limit 20 students email me for details vvaughan8@yahoo.comMark your long range calendar to take a break from the winter cold!Come to my FEB 5 - 7 , Workshop in Texas at Fredericksburg Artists School...sunrise to moonrise...painting fast is the to see and put it down and trust yourself capturing the moment!

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