Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Moonlit Cabin_sketch, mountains, night,

Moonlit Cabin__from my Colorado Sketchbook
I sketched this last week in Colorado. Our neighbors were gone for the winter, so there was no light at their cabin, except moonlight reflecting off their roof.
You can't see your palette at night. It takes LIGHT to see color....color is in the light! And if you take a little light with you outside, it's almost as difficult to see the colors on your palette, because the lights themselves are all incomplete as far as the spectrum goes. ( I go into this in depth at my longer workshops...I even touch on this at the one-day workshops)...SO...to work outside at night I usually start with a value study...and a lot of memory. This takes practice, but it's a worthwhile exercise... Here is the rest of my workshop schedule for 2009...
OCTOBER SCHEDULE_________________________
Oct. 17 Workshop in Calvert, TX. A mini half-day Plein Air Workshop. Sunrise demo, followed by workshop until noon. Primarily in oils, but all media and skill levels are welcome. Officially starts at 8 a.m. and ends with lunch. $45 Contact Cecelia at grannyc_54@yahoo.com for information and a supply list. http://www.facebook.com/reqs.php#/profile.php?id=1380900702
Oct. 24 Texas Country Reporter show, Waxahachie, TX Courthouse. ALL DAYSunday
Oct. 25 First Annual Bovine Art Show, Cactus Jack's in Gruene, TX
Oct. 31 All Day Workshop with Austin's PACT. Limit 20 students email me for details vvaughan8@yahoo.com

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