Friday, October 16, 2009

Farm_Two Years Ago_cows, white face, angus

"Farm_Two Years Ago" __Oct 16, 2006____From Last Year on the Farm___available
I actually painted this three years ago, but it was two years ago this month that we left the farm. Several people new to my blog have asked me about the story...please browse my web site and see all the art and read some of the articles's still precious to my heart.
Tomorrow I am spending the day in Calvert, TX (over by College Station.) I will be painting at the Calvert
Victorian Tea, and my friend Robin Cheers will be painting at the evening Gala. Robin and I will be staying with Barbara and Cecilia...native Calvertonians, and I have made a cherry pie for our meal together!
I am teaching a short workshop in the morning...sunrise and Kolaches are beautiful in Calvert! Then I will head over to paint the ladies at the tea. (I am betting on ladies, since it's a big college football day tomorrow!) We anticipate a beautiful scene, with people in Victorian dress. The events will be in a couple of the restored Victorian mansions of Calvert. Robin is great at this sort of thing...I might bail and paint a landscape with cows.... Victorian Cows, of course!! :)

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Art with Liz said...

Beautiful V. With scenes like this, you must really miss the farm.