Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bovine Winner_cows, angus, farm

Looking Forward_ 20 x 30 oil on linen__available!
This past weekend was the first annual show for the American Society of Bovine Artists...yes, Bovine. And yes, I am a (new) proud member! I am also proud to be the first winner of the first show. The painting above is a studio version of my field study from "Last Year on the Farm", my series of 365 paintings of my last year....all 365 paintings are on my web site, if you have not seen them, yet, please go look!
This art is also the image I chose for the cover of my book about it. The book title is "Last Year onthe Farm: A Story of Change. You can see the first 10 pages of the book here http://www.blurb.com/books/196927
...Today is a sad day. My husband's beloved grandmother, Helen Vaughan, who we call "Grandmother", was placed in Hospice care. She may not live long. I will like to tell about her beautiful life...she just turned 97...was born the year that the Titanic sank....wow. She lives very close to me, so I am going to spend the night there tonight and may not be in touch much for a while...please enjoy my links.


Karen Hargett said...

One of my favorite paintings - congrats!

So sorry to hear about your husband's grandmother - a sad time to be sure. My prayers are with you all.

Robin Cheers said...

This was one of my favorite small works and now one of my all time favorite large works. Its beautiful. One of the best "enlargements" I've seen. You retained all the wonderful qualities from the plein air piece. Congrats on your new affiliation and the award. Very much deserved.

My prayers are with your grandmother, you and your family.