Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bluebonnet Sea

Bluebonnet Sea___6x8 oil study on linen panel__$170 soaking wet! (click to see details)
This place is not far from my place in Round Rock, in the same county. Last week I ventured into the hill country, but this week I have a busy schedule, so I am wandering nearby. We Central Texans are just giddy with this year's show of our beloved state flower. And now the fields are blooming with oranges, yellows and the rest of the color wheel....(more on that later)...TAKE A DRIVE on SUNDAY to meet me in Marble Falls! Over 60 artists are there NOW to "Paint the Town" (and nearby landscapes)...I get to judge the works, and they will be on display Saturday and Sunday, and you'll be able to purchase wet paintings and even award winning paintings! I REALLY HOPE you will come see my special exhibit of 100 of the Last Year on the Farm paintings from my 2008 museum exhibit. I will be there signing copies of my book and giving a little talk about the project and my EXTENSION of it: "Passing ....the Great Plains".
205 Main Street, Marble Falls, TX. See y'all there!

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LindaHunt said...

Love the sea of neighbors from Texas have a patch of them here in SC...they are lovely!