Saturday, April 17, 2010


The Last Painting at the farm.....April8 here to see all 365 paintings
(well, I went back a couple times after this, but this one is official :)
TEXAS COUNTRY REPORTER is re-running the feature they did about my Last Year on the Farm. SUNDAY MORNING (10:30 am central time on RFD-TV...but check the time in your area)...They did such a great job of telling my story and show a LOT of the paintings. Please tune in to see! You can turn off the sound and cover your eyes when I am on...The paintings were featured in three solo museum shows in's the best thing I have ever done, art-wise. This is the painting they filmed me working last one at the farm... WATCH THE SHOW if you can!...let me know what you think!
And if you are in Marble Falls, TX come see me Sunday at 1 pm. I will be giving a talk about the farm project, and there are 100 of the paintings on display. Main street Gallery, 205 Main Street...downtown


Ann Reyes said...

Very peaceful and warm. I can see the love. Good luck in Marble Falls. Hope I can find the Texas Country Reporter tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Your art work is beautiful! Excuse me for asking but are you married to Craig Tieman?

V....Vaughan said...

OK, Mr or Ms " fair asking questions like that and not giving your name....but the answer is "no" do you know Craig???? and who are you anyways??? :) is my real e-mail address :)