Thursday, April 08, 2010

Enchanted Spring

Enchanted Spring __12 x 16 oil on linen panel___state 1 plein air study
Late in the day on my painting excursion with Pat, yesterday, we were on the road to Enchanted Rock and HAD to stop to paint this scene. The grass was so green and lit just right it actually hurt the eyes!...and the photos are very dark, so I am glad I painted this one from life...I will need to "finish" it from the photos, but the colors I need are there :) (I will post the finished one if I remember)
Today was my actual birthday. THANK YOU to all my old friends! It was a SPECIAL treat to hear from a friend who has known me the very longest! Rhonda and I were babies together, lost track of each other for 30 years and today, remembering my birthday, she found me. God bless Mr. Internet! ...My favorite part was dinner with my family! After a great meal they rented a "nice" "G" rated movie. Last year's birthday movie is STILL a big sore subject around our house...the kids thought I would like "Sweeny Todd...the Evil Barber" (or something like that). They know I like musicals, and I like Pirates of the Caribbean, but in this one, Johnny Depp cut people's throats in the barber chair while singing broadway songs!! Caught us all off guard...way too graphic ...we were not expecting all the blood! I was horrified and kids still laugh at their own poor judgment that day.

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