Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Pecan Holdouts

Pecan Holdouts___6x8 oil study on linen panel___$150 soaking wet!
I say this every year...My favorite time of year is spring. Early, before the pecans bud out. They are the LAST of the trees to get any leaves, so while everything else is bright green, the pecans are still bare and branchy…. It’s That time of year right now! My friend Kathy called yesterday and said "you gotta come see our bluebonnets"! So, I drove over to see her place between a couple of small creeks, and found a wonderful pecan bottom just the way I like it!
Tomorrow I will be out again with my buddy Pat...she is just about the funnest person to paint with that I know...We really get into it...one time we looked up and were surrounded by a herd of cattle...another time we didn't see the hail. But then lightning struck nearby (we didn't see that coming either). But it saved us from being pummeled by the hail....hmmm HAPPY SPRINGTIME, Y'all! vvaughan8@yahoo.com


Hope Cunningham Daily Paintings said...

I love this. The color just sings SPRING! You handled the sky especially well. I can tell you love the subject. Its so great that you have wonderful places to paint and great friends to share the experience with you.

Ann Reyes said...

What a wonderful painting! I'm so happy to find your blog. Your colors and brushstrokes are so expressive.