Monday, May 03, 2010

Fishing Spot-Gadsden, AL

Gadsden, AL Fishing Spot___16x20___available at the Gadsden, AL Museum of Art
Last year, I was in Gadsden, AL at the Southeastern Plein Air Festival. Watching this woman sit down to fish, I asked her permission to include her in my painting...she said OK... After spending a couple of hours “with” Michelle (….an artist becomes attached to their subject…) and all that time observing her, and painting her, I had determined that she was Hispanic, but, well, maybe she was African American! I just could not tell….she has the most lovely deep brown skin, made darker by her time in the sun, fishing… so, After a time, I went down to speak to her and supposed I would hear an accent…well, I sure did! She is a Southern Belle! With a thick southern accent as beautiful as can be!...still not sure what her ethnicity is, and I have decided that I like it that way!! It’s time we forget all that tribal stuff…it is good for NOTHING…well, except maybe in and amongst our own families..I am glad my dad was a proud Italian, because it “explains” my own tendencies…and I get to pass on all those great recipes! But I sure don’t expect everyone else to appreciate it like I do!
This week the Southeastern Plein Air Festival is going on without me. My friend, Becky, a Gadsdenite, called me yesterday. She was at this bridge, and remembered me painting there last year. so she called and said "I have a special person who wants to say, "hello"....The voice on the other end was MICHELLE, with her lovely southern accent!...and other artists were there painting again!
Back to bluebonnets tomorrow!


Elizabeth Seaver said...

Hey, V., this is a great post! What a familiar sight you've painted. I love the quiet day and activity you've captured.

Jen said...

I found your blog by seeing your story on Texas Country Reporter. I grew up in Trinity, Texas and was there until the age of 17. Texas will always be with me. I'm following your blog now and hope that one day I can purchase one of your beautiful paintings. All the best! - Jen

Linda said...

I love this painting and your story! I lived in Auburn, AL for many years and this sight brought back some nice memories. The colors are beautiful and the reflections in the water are lovely.