Monday, May 24, 2010

Plains Boundary

Plains Boundary___8x10 drive-by oil study on linen___click to see details
If you saw yesterday's post, I explained that the painting was started as we drove into Denver, but I finished it the next morning...the light was much it's not a TRUE "drive-by" painting...I called it "Little Denver" because the city of Denver, a great and sprawling metropolis looks pretty tiny in contrast to the awesome Rocky Mountains...The plains settlers seeing these mountains for the first time after ENDLESS distance must have been awe struck!...The painting above was ALSO completed at the hotel, which had a nice view of the mountains. I was most impressed with the EDGE of the plain and how it abruptly STOPS at the foot of the mountain. ...I hope you will follow up this week to see some of the actual works painted on the road west from Omaha. We touched base in 5 states: Iowa, Nebraska (and MORE Nebraska), South Dakota, Wyoming and Colorado...
-Saturday - Monday is the Phippen Museum Western Art Show in Prescott, AZ. I will be there in Booth 77. PLEASE come meet me and see my newest works.
-June 14-17 is my next workshop. I will teach a lot of drawing (the basis of my work!) and will help you to paint faster....and BETTER! Fredericksburg, TX. email for details
-my friend Adele Earnshaw has 75 small works she is selling for $75 each. See her WONDERFUL bird studies! ...


Carol DeMumbrum said...

Beautiful—I am excited to see these paintings because we plan on taking our summer vacation to Colorado.

I received your book last week and I love it!! SO beautiful and inspiring. It brought back so many memories of our farm. I hope to find some pictures of it to paint from. THANK YOU!!

Blessings! Have a safe trip!

Adele said...

I hope to see you at the Phippen Show! If not, will see you on Tuesday. Looking forward to it. Can you paint with me on Tuesday??

Adele said...

And I just noticed that you've given me a plug. Thanks V....!