Sunday, May 02, 2010

Gadsden Light

Gadsden Light from the Brow___24 x 18___for the Southeastern Plein Air Festival
Last year this time, I was in Gadsden, Alabama, painting in the Southeastern Plein Air Festival. Due to a ball game, SAT test, Prom and a school athletic banquet, I could not go this time, but I worked in the studio from last year's is a painting that I am sending to the Gadsden Museum of Art. They have accepted it to do something special with it...not sure what, yet. It is a view of Gadsden, AL from the "brow", a hill rising above the town. The river is the Coosa River, and I forget the name of the other hill...maybe another brow? Hey Becky! Leave a comment when you see this and tell everyone the name of the other mountain. Last year we had HUGE storms pop up on opening night, and this painting reminds me of when I painted on the brow, and watched the storm roll in.
GO SEE THE ARTISTS' work, bid on a masterpiece and support plein air painting in the Southeast! Wish I was there!


Elizabeth Seaver said...

Wow, V. I love seeing your larger works. This one is just fabulous with soft, glowing light. I hope you will let us know what the "something special" is that the museum is planning to do with it.

dominique eichi said...

Beautiful piece

Scarlett Clay said...

This is such a lovely painting--I love everything about it!