Thursday, September 16, 2010

And Back__Thunderheads, Great Plains, sky

And Back__6x8 oil on panel__study for Passing America Exhibit in 2011

To understand the title, see yesterday's post...we went to Lincoln and back on my last night in Nebraska a few weeks ago. The day ended with a huge cloud full of lightning, just out of ear-shot of the thunder. It was a dynamic sight, and my brush strokes seem to match the energy of that big cloud!...I have a special blog dedicated to the Great Plains project. In a few weeks I will have all these posts from Nebraska on there, and a BUNCH of works from other Plains trips I took last Spring. ...for now, I am gearing up for the auction I have mentioned a few weeks ago...but FIRST, Older Son is getting married on SATURDAY! That's what I will be up to...except BEFORE THAT, on Friday night, Young Son has a big football game in San Antonio...they were victorious last week, so we are hoping for more of THAT!

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Roxanne Steed said...

these clouds are soooo wonderful! big horizons- big that feeling of expansiveness!! (and all in a 6x8! very cool!)