Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Number 10

Number 10___a sketch I am keeping___11 x 14

I have been Talking about football a lot, lately...enjoying my son's senior year as the Round Rock Dragons' varsity quarterback. My friend, Priti, takes the team photos from the sidelines (her son is a receiver). I used one of her photos to do this sketch...I am thinking the photo was way better, but I love sketching! ...My friend/artist Candy from Vermont asked me about this today, so HERE YOU GO, Candy!...I do not think I could do this "en plein air", because it's a little scary watching your son play Texas High School Football...I wonder what the college moms do??? I hide behind my video camera during the game, but I will keep sketching from Priti's photos.

*CONGRATULATIONS to the Dragons for being named ARMY STRONG TEAM OF THE WEEK by Dave Campbell's Texas Football Magazine . This was for their win Friday Night FOUR overtimes!

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