Monday, September 27, 2010

Quickie 2__cow, sketch, pen

Cow Sketch 2__see yesterday's post for the other one___ pen on paper__5.5 x 8.5___$50

I have a sketchbook of 30 pencil sketches on archival paper that I am selling on ebay. THE WHOLE SKETCHBOOK! Click the link to see all 30 sketches, and follow the links to ebay if you want to follow the sale, which ends on Oct 23. It is MY COLORADO SKETCHBOOK, and I did the work last summer.
The sketch above is a quick pen sketch, like the one I posted yesterday...they are a good "matched set"...if you like cows! These were sketched with a PEN, which might seem intimidating to those who prefer to have "eraser options", but, (as I told my new student, RV, yesterday) I like the adrenaline rush of NOT using an eraser....I prefer to turn the page if things go wrong :)
OH, THANK YOU for all the fun FOOTBALL comments!...I mentioned my son's team's Friday night game, and the FOUR OVERTIMES...well, today, they were honored to be named as the ONLY 5-A team in Texas for the ARMY STRONG TEAM OF THE is a GREAT honor! Below is the link to read about the Round Rock Dragons...

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