Sunday, September 19, 2010

Somewhere in Venice

Somewhere in Venice 1___pencil on archival paper 11x14---tight version___$300

Somewhere in Venice 2___pencil on archival paper, 11x14----loose version____$300

The sketches above are recent ones I did as samples for a client, but they are available. I have TWO VERSIONS, as you is tight and detailed, the other is loose and a little more impressionistic. Email if you want one...

MY SON GOT MARRIED YESTERDAY! Congratulations to Tanner and Ashton Vaughan! See pictures on my facebook page. see if you can guess which ones of those beautiful bridesmaids and groomsmen are my children! It was a beautiful and blessed day! back to work!...The Colorado Sketchbook "auction" I have mentioned starts THURSDAY...see details below...
My Colorado Sketchbook.....Original Sketches in a sketchbook by V....Vaughan

I am offering my entire travel journal from a summer trip to Colorado's San Juan Mountains. This is a 34 page hard-bound, linen covered sketchbook with archival acid-free paper and 30 sketches in pencil. Included are my field notes, and a pencil used in the project! Twelve images are shown here, but you can see all 30 sketches and an image of the actual 10" x 7" journal on my web site... This is a special auction, so I will not sell below the reserve price.

The Project: For two weeks in the summer of 2010, I tromped around the San Juan Mountains and San Luis Valley of Southern Colorado, USA. Summer is the most beautiful season here in this area that features high mountains and farming valleys. It is a view of the southwest in an area that is diverse and rich in culture.The sketches feature a variety of subject matter: Landscapes, figures, animals, farming, cowboys, fishing, southwestern sagebrush and more!

My field notes accompany the artwork, which is done in pencil. Most of the sketches and notes were posted on my BLOG in July and August, 2010

The Artist:

V....Vaughan is an award-winning artist and was a finalist for Texas State Artist for 2010.


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The sketch from Venice is fantastic.
You are the most prolific artist I know.