Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Before Loma__farms, vista, plains

Before Loma, NE__6x8 oil on panel__study for Passing America Exhibit in 2011
So much of Butler County, Nebraska looked like this: great, long views of miles and miles of farmland in the PEAK of the growing season. CORN, SOYBEANS, and that's about it!...This county is drained by the Platte River...the GREAT Platte River, which is not too deep, but VERY VERY wide at times....The river valley is great farmland, which you can see for miles when you are on the ridge above the river valley...I LOVE those long vistas on the plains!...Loma, NE is on top of one of those ridges. In fact, LOMA in Spanish means "hill"...I am not sure if this is a Spanish name on purpose, because the Spanish did not have much influence in settling this part of the Plains....On the way there we saw a covey of birds that I later identified as some kind of grouse. ...it was memorable, so I added birds to this painting ! Loma is a small town, but has the distinction of being the location where Patrick Swayze shot one of his movies. If Allen reads this, I hope he will leave a comment with the title of the movie...

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V....Vaughan said...

(Here is a note from Anna and Allen (my driver)...The name of the film is To Wong Foo from....it's a long title!!)

Allen and I are sending you the link. Another fun reminder of his time with you in Butler County. Thanks!