Thursday, September 23, 2010

Colorado Sketchbook__#30

Out of the Canyon__sketch #30 in my Colorado Sketchbook___EBAY sale now, item #140454193056

This sketch is on the edge of the Rockies, where the plains meet mountains. I always like seeing the "layers" of mountains in the distance, and how each layer gets lighter as it gets further away. Artists call it "atmospheric perspective". There are 30 sketches in my summer Colorado sketchbook, and this is the last one! To see them all together, check my web site. There are also pictures of the open sketchbook, and this one, below, which is the inside cover where I make notes and grocery lists...personal stuff that I USUALLY erase! Since someone will buy this whole field journal, I will ask them if they want the personal notes, or if I should erase them!...I even left the price-tag on this 35 page archival sketchbook! I bought the blank book from Artisans Art Store in Santa Fe...

Inside cover of my Colorado Sketchbook


Marilyn said...

Lovely drawings, Virginia. Congratulations on finishing your sketchbook. What an opportunity for the lucky buyer!

V....Vaughan said...

OOPS, Marilyn, I commented from my daughter's account a minute ago...why don't these young people log off??? hahaha